SSU McNair Scholars Research Journal, Volume 11: 2019-20

Image of SSU McNair Scholars Research Journal, Volume 11: 2019-20

“Mitotic Antipairing of Human Chromosomes”
Angelica Aguilar, Biology
Research Mentor: Lisa Hua, Ph.D.

“Investigating Math Anxiety by Exploring People’s Mathematical Experiences” 
Therese M. Azevedo, Statistics
 Research Mentor: Natalie Hobson, Ph.D. 

“The Systemic Abuse of the U.S. Deportation System: Effects of Immigration Detention and Deportation on Latinx Immigrants and Mixed-Status Families”
Alondra Bravo-Marroquín, Sociology
Research Mentor: Soo-Yeon Yoon, Ph.D.

“Racial Microagressions Against Undocumented/DACA Students”
Lizeth Cortez Ibanez, Psychology 
Research Mentor: Elisa Velazquez-Andrade, Ph.D.

“Sex Education and Sexual Health Among Latina College Students” 
Gabriela Davila Barajas, Women’s and Gender Studies
Research Mentor: Lena McQuade, Ph.D.

“Right-wing Activism and the Difficulties of Infiltrating Groups as an Outsider”
Lizbet Gonzalez, Chicano and Latino Studies
Research Mentor: David McCuan, Ph.D.

“Investigating Amphibole Compositions from a High-Grade Amphibolite in the Bear Mountain High Strain Zone”
Eve Hostettler, Geology
Research Mentors: Matty Mookerjee, Ph.D. & Laura Waters, Ph.D.

“Low Cost Salisbury Screen for Doppler Radar”
David House, Engineering and Computer Science
Research Mentor: Mohamed Salem, Ph.D.

“Santa Muerte as the Folk-Saint of Death, Deals, and Poverty”
Wyatt Huber, Anthropology
Research Mentor: Richard J. Senghas, Ph.D.

“Estimating Surface Fire Fuels in a Northern California Oak-woodland Using a Mobile Laser Measurement Device”
Jennifer Juarez Yoc, Biology
Research Mentor: Lisa Patrick Bentley, Ph.D.

“The Forgotten Four Million: A Critical Race Theory Approach to Voting Rights in U.S. Territories”
Raymundo Lopez, Political Science and French
Research Mentor: David McCuan, Ph.D. 

“Exploring the Relationship Between Antitussives and Popular Culture: Codeine and Dextromethorphan”
Alexis Mercado, Chemistry
Research Mentor: Steven Farmer, Ph.D.

“Using Mathematical Modeling to Predict the Spread of Measles”
Fabian Ramirez, Pure Mathematics
Research Mentor: Omayra Ortega, Ph.D.

“The Familial Sex Trafficking of Boys in Los Angeles: Impacts of Victimization”
Atziry Rodriguez, Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies
Research Mentor: Diana R. Grant, Ph.D.

 “Aesthetic Resistance: The Paintings of the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz Island”
Madison Tinsley, Anthropology
Research Mentor: Alexis Boutin, Ph.D.

“The Lived Experience of Formerly Incarcerated Latino Men”
Bianca Valencia Barraza, Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies and Chicano & Latino Studies
Research Mentor: Anastasia Tosouni, Ph.D.

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