SSU McNair Scholars Research Journal, Volume 8: 2016-17

Image of the SSU McNair Scholars Research Journal, Volume 8, front cover

“Effect of Vibration Intervention and Bone Density on Vertical Jump Height and EMG Output”
Thomas Alva, Kinesiology
Research Mentor: Wanda Boda, Ph.D.

“Breaking the Silence: Sexual Assault Awareness on a College Campus”
Madison Anderson, Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies
Research Mentor: Don Romesburg, Ph.D.

“Physiological Analysis on the Diving Capacity of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Lepidochelys olivacea”
Gabriela Arango, Biology
Research Mentor: Daniel E. Crocker, Ph.D.

“Latinx First-Generation College Students in a Predominantly White Institution”
Patricia Ayala Macías, Chicano and Latino Studies
Research Mentor: Patricia Kim-Rajal, Ph.D.

“How Does CASA Retain Their Volunteers?”
Sarah Cobb, Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies
Research Mentor: Patrick Jackson, Ph.D.

“Relationship Between Communication Patterns and Immigration Status Among Undocumented Students in Post-Secondary Institutions”
Monica Cornejo, Psychology
Research Mentor: Richard J. Senghas, Ph.D.

“Optimal Foraging Behavior in Northern Elephant Seals”
German Dionne, Biology
Research Mentor: Daniel E. Crocker, Ph.D.

“Mariachi in Music Education”
Sara Flores, Music Education
Research Mentor: Brian Wilson, Ph.D.

“Undocumented Students: Impact of Status Disclosure”
Jessica Mena Flores, Sociology
Research Mentor: Nicole Wolfe, Ph.D.

“The Glass Escalator in the Contemporary Library: Gender, Race, and Class at Work”
Melanie Nernberg, Sociology
Research Mentor: Cindy A. Stearns, Ph.D.

“A Comparative Study in RF Wave Attenuation in Soil and Sand”
Abraham Palmerin, Electrical Engineering
Research Mentor: Farid Farahmand, Ph.D.

“Latinos in the Child Parent Institute of Sonoma County”
Aimee Ramos, Early Childhood Studies
Research Mentor: Theresa Alfaro-Velcamp, Ph.D.

“Triangulation: A Complex System of Radio Frequency ID Beacons”
Juan Soto, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Research Mentor: Donald Estreich, Ph.D.

“The Influence of the Spanish Language in Forming a Cultural/Ethnic Identity Among Latino Males"
Evelin Sustaita-Serecero, Chicano and Latino Studies
Research Mentor: Mariana G. Martinez, Ph.D.

“Adolescent Bullying”
Shelby Swan, Psychology
Research Mentor: Heather Flynn, Ph.D.

“The Relationship Between Adversity and Resilience in College Students: An Exploratory Study”
Sydney Swan, Psychology
Research Mentor: Meri Storino, Ph.D.

“Leucine Enkaphalin NMR Studies”
Elizabeth Valverde, Biochemistry
Research Mentor: Jennifer Whiles, Ph.D.

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