SSU McNair Scholars Research Journal, Volume 9: 2017-18

Image of SSU McNair Scholars Research Journal, Volume 9, front cover

“Calculated Aerobic Dive Limit Varies with Sex, Development, Body Mass and Time on Shore in Northern Elephant Seals”
B. Gabriela Arango, Biology
Research Mentor: Daniel Crocker, Ph.D.

“Latinx Transfer Students’ Pathway to 4-year Degree”
Patricia Ayala Macías, Chicano and Latino Studies
Research Mentor: Patricia Kim-Rajal, Ph.D. and Mariana G. Martinez, Ph.D.

“Observed Improvement in ABA Therapy and/or Aquatic Therapy, Based on IEP Goals”
Valerie Belanger, Psychology
Research Mentor: Jesse Bengson, Ph.D.

“Cultural Factors v. Social Class in U.S. Voting Behaviors”
Apollo Cain, Political Science

“Heavy Social Media Usage: Effects on Body Image and Self-Esteem”
Maribel Campos, Communication and Media Studies
Research Mentor: Marco Calavita, Ph.D.

“A Petrologic Evaluation of the Layou Ignimbrite and Morne Trois Piton Lava Dome: How Do Changes in Pre-eruptive Conditions Effect Eruptive Behavior?”
Justin Casaus, Geology
Research Mentor: Laura Waters, Ph.D.

“Photochemical and Thermal Analysis of Phosphine Modified Hydrogenase Model Compounds”
Patricia De La Torre, Chemistry
Research Mentor: Carmen F. Works, Ph.D.

“Foster Youth and Higher Education at Sonoma State University”
Brittney Edmondson, Human Development
Research Mentor: Johanna Filp-Hanke, Ph.D.

“Patient Satisfaction and Attitudes with Respect to Care Providers’ Language and Cultural Competence: A Survey of Interaction in a Primary Care Facility
Jennifer Juarez Yoc, Spanish
Research Mentor: Jeffrey Reeder, Ph.D.

“Tremendo Swing: The Impact of Jazz on the Modern Music of Cuba”
David Lechuga-Espadas, Jazz Studies
Research Mentor: Douglas Leibinger, DMA

“Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds from Grass”
Liridona Leti, Chemistry
Research Mentor: Mark Perri, Ph.D.

“Identification of Newt Species using Morphometrics”
Monica Morales, Biology
Jessica Saavedra, Biology

Research Mentor: Derek Girman, Ph.D.

“The Digitalized Escalator and the Library User Elevator:Understanding Intersectionality in the Contemporary Library Workplace”
Melanie Nernberg, Sociology
Research Mentor: Cindy A. Stearns, Ph.D.

“Academic Resistance: The Impact of Campus Climate and Institutional Practices on Latinas in Higher Education”
Briana Rodriguez, Chicano and Latino Studies & Psychology
Research Mentor: Patricia Kim-Rajal, PhD

“Examining Behavioral Health Practices within Palliative Care: A Series of In-Depth Interviews with Social Workers in Northern California”
Terra Rosten, Sociology
Research Mentor: Roxanne Ezzet, Ph.D.

“Uncovering the Truth: Immigration Views and Generational Status"
Edgar Sanchez, Communications
Research Mentor: Emily Ray, Ph.D.

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