McNair Scholars Research Journal

Because scholarly research is the cornerstone of graduate-level study, Sonoma State’s McNair Scholars Program is committed to providing its scholars with the opportunity and tools necessary to learn the methods and techniques of scientific research, as well as the craft of writing a publishable paper.

Under the guidance of their Faculty Mentors, McNair Scholars learn the step-by-step process of designing a research project. From reviewing the literature, conducting experiments, gathering and analyzing data, to writing scholarly papers, creating research posters, and presenting at local and national conferences, the program strives to ensure that each and every McNair Scholar is well-prepared to succeed and flourish in academia.

The Sonoma State University McNair Scholars Research Journal is the culmination of this intensive research and scholarship and is published each year to recognize the outstanding research accomplishments of our scholars. 


Our Lastest Research Journal

  • Image of SSU McNair Scholars Research Journal, Volume 12: 2020-21

    “Sex Chromosome Segregation in Adult Human Cells”
    Angelica Aguilar, Biology
    Research Mentor: Lisa Hua, Ph.D.

    “Logistic Regression Models Analyzing Factors Connected to Micromobility Transportation Incidents and Emergency Room Hospital Visits”
    Therese Azevedo, Mathematics
    Research Mentor: Martha Shott, Ph.D.

    “Optimizing Quantitative Structure Model (QSMs) Parameters for Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) for Accurate Aboveground Biomass Estimates”
    Alexander Barajas-Ritchie, Computer Science
    Research Mentor: Lisa Bentley, Ph.D.

    “Groundwater Storage and Recharge Distribution in a Subalpine Meadow of the Sierra Nevada, CA”
    Denise Burgett, Geology
    Research Mentor: Robert Glas, Ph.D., Zeno Levy, Ph.D., and Matty Mookerjee, Ph.D.

    “Sonoma State University Covid-19 Model”
    Serina Cabrera, Statistics and Dirk Tolson III, Statistics
    Research Mentor: Omayra Ortega, Ph.D.

    “Having the 'Talk': Defining Sexual Health Among Latina College Students”
    Gabriela Davila Barajas, Women's and Gender Studies
    Research Mentor: Lena McQuade, Ph.D.

    “Ideal Mate Characteristics Among Low-income and Racially Diverse Couples”
    Rian Dixon, Psychology
    Research Mentor: Teresa Nguyen, Ph.D. 

    “Effects of Perceived Controllability of Social Class”
    Aryana Hernandez, Chicano and Latino Studies
    Research Mentor: Meri Storino, Ph.D.

    “The Racializing Effects of Anthropocentric Consumerist Marketing: A Posthuman Reading of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye
    Michelle Jones, English
    Research Mentor: Chingling Wo, Ph.D.

    “Reimagining Diversity Training Through Mindfulness and Compassion Cultivation” 
    Amish Patel, Philosophy
    Research Mentor: Wenwen Ni, Ph.D. 

    “Speech and Language Therapy in a Child's Home Language: Will Providing Speech and Language Therapy in a Child's Home Language Positively Impact Their Language Proficiency?”
    Ashley Tinajero Gomez, Early Childhood Studies
    Research Mentors: Elita Amini Virmani, Ph.D.