McNair Scholars Research Journal

Because scholarly research is the cornerstone of graduate-level study, Sonoma State’s McNair Scholars Program is committed to providing its scholars with the opportunity and tools necessary to learn the methods and techniques of scientific research, as well as the craft of writing a publishable paper.

Under the guidance of their Faculty Mentors, McNair Scholars learn the step-by-step process of designing a research project. From reviewing the literature, conducting experiments, gathering and analyzing data, to writing scholarly papers, creating research posters, and presenting at local and national conferences, the program strives to ensure that each and every McNair Scholar is well-prepared to succeed and flourish in academia.

The Sonoma State University McNair Scholars Research Journal is the culmination of this intensive research and scholarship and is published each year to recognize the outstanding research accomplishments of our scholars. 


Our Lastest Research Journal

  • Image of SSU McNair Scholars Research Journal, Volume 11: 2019-20

    “Mitotic Antipairing of Human Chromosomes”
    Angelica Aguilar, Biology
    Research Mentor: Lisa Hua, Ph.D.

    “Investigating Math Anxiety by Exploring People’s Mathematical Experiences” 
    Therese M. Azevedo, Statistics
     Research Mentor: Natalie Hobson, Ph.D. 

    “The Systemic Abuse of the U.S. Deportation System: Effects of Immigration Detention and Deportation on Latinx Immigrants and Mixed-Status Families”
    Alondra Bravo-Marroquín, Sociology
    Research Mentor: Soo-Yeon Yoon, Ph.D.

    “Racial Microagressions Against Undocumented/DACA Students”
    Lizeth Cortez Ibanez, Psychology 
    Research Mentor: Elisa Velazquez-Andrade, Ph.D.

    “Sex Education and Sexual Health Among Latina College Students” 
    Gabriela Davila Barajas, Women’s and Gender Studies
    Research Mentor: Lena McQuade, Ph.D.

    “Right-wing Activism and the Difficulties of Infiltrating Groups as an Outsider”
    Lizbet Gonzalez, Chicano and Latino Studies
    Research Mentor: David McCuan, Ph.D.

    “Investigating Amphibole Compositions from a High-Grade Amphibolite in the Bear Mountain High Strain Zone”
    Eve Hostettler, Geology
    Research Mentors: Matty Mookerjee, Ph.D. & Laura Waters, Ph.D.

    “Low Cost Salisbury Screen for Doppler Radar”
    David House, Engineering and Computer Science
    Research Mentor: Mohamed Salem, Ph.D.

    “Santa Muerte as the Folk-Saint of Death, Deals, and Poverty”
    Wyatt Huber, Anthropology
    Research Mentor: Richard J. Senghas, Ph.D.

    “Estimating Surface Fire Fuels in a Northern California Oak-woodland Using a Mobile Laser Measurement Device”
    Jennifer Juarez Yoc, Biology
    Research Mentor: Lisa Patrick Bentley, Ph.D.

    “The Forgotten Four Million: A Critical Race Theory Approach to Voting Rights in U.S. Territories”
    Raymundo Lopez, Political Science and French
    Research Mentor: David McCuan, Ph.D. 

    “Exploring the Relationship Between Antitussives and Popular Culture: Codeine and Dextromethorphan”
    Alexis Mercado, Chemistry
    Research Mentor: Steven Farmer, Ph.D.

    “Using Mathematical Modeling to Predict the Spread of Measles”
    Fabian Ramirez, Pure Mathematics
    Research Mentor: Omayra Ortega, Ph.D.

    “The Familial Sex Trafficking of Boys in Los Angeles: Impacts of Victimization”
    Atziry Rodriguez, Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies
    Research Mentor: Diana R. Grant, Ph.D.

     “Aesthetic Resistance: The Paintings of the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz Island”
    Madison Tinsley, Anthropology
    Research Mentor: Alexis Boutin, Ph.D.

    “The Lived Experience of Formerly Incarcerated Latino Men”
    Bianca Valencia Barraza, Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies and Chicano & Latino Studies
    Research Mentor: Anastasia Tosouni, Ph.D.

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